Staking with Daedalus Wallet

1 - Install Daedalus Wallet

1 - Go to

2 - Choose “Download” and download Daedalus for your Operating System

3 - Install the wallet

4 - Open Daedalus, accept settings, accept terms of service and restore or setup a new wallet.
It would take some time for the blockchain to synchronize if you want to create a new wallet.

5 - You have to wait for a while for the Daedalus wallet synchronize and verify the blockchain.

2 - Create Daedalus Wallet

1 - Enter your Byron wallet recover phrase and restore it in case you had ADA before Shelley.

2 - You will be reminded to create a Shelley wallet. Remember to write down this phrase and keep it safe.

3 - Time to refresh and sync your Shelley wallet

3 - Delegating/ Stake ADA on Daedalus Wallet

1 - Your ADA is now in a Shelley wallet, you can start delegating too. You can choose to go to Delegation Center at the left side bar.

10 - Choose the wallet you wish to delegate to. Choose “Delegate”.

11 - Review and confirm your delegation choice. Choose “Continue”

12 - You can search for the pool ticker you want to delegate to and choose “Continue”.
It would be our pleasure to have your delegation.
Our pool ticker is SND and here is our pool ID:

13 - Enter your spending password

14 - You have now successfully delegated your ADA to a stake pool.

Tips and stricks

- Staked funds still remain in your wallet. Staking ADA does not mean you send it away.

- You can transfer your ADA anytime you want during staking time.

- You will be taken a 2 ADA deposit for delegating. This will be returned to you when you decide to undelegate your stake.

- You don’t have to leave your wallets open to stake ADA.

- Rewards multiply with the power of compounding

- Additional ADA will be added up to your current staking and is automatically delegated.

- You just need 10 ADA to start a delegation.